Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Green at the gills

Madame Bay arrived bright an early. Digby was singled out for special attention and had his hair tousled and his chin tickled. This unexpected greeting was not well received and she got a stern ' for heavens sake woman don't you know I'm sick ?' look in return.

As Madame Bay hoovered noisily away in the house , windows flung open and radios turned en masse to the nostalgia channel and the sound of the Beach Boys, Wilf and Digby decamped to the peace and quiet of the courtyard. Such is Digbys loathing of the vacuum cleaner that he even made it down the stairs under his own steam . While Wilf raced around in search of squirrels and other excitement Digby was content to sit gently soaking up the sunshine. As you can maybe see from the photos he is still decidedly green at the gills but the new antibiotics seem to be having a beneficial effect - he again recognizes us and his brother.

The wee tike had another visit to the vets for tests and for the first time in nearly a week managed a weak grrrrr... of disapproval when the blood test was taken. Another sign if one was needed that some gradual return to his usual 'don't mess with me' self is underway.

Thank you so much for all your comments of support I'll slowly try to get round to thanking each of you.


  1. My last check before heading off to bed.
    Oh, I am smiling.
    I know the poor fellow still feels crummy, but it sounds like he's coming back round. Thank goodness.
    Thinking all good thoughts.
    and sending love your way.

  2. I've been thinking of Digby so often thwoughout the day, and asked Mommi to check one mowe time befowe we go to sneep.

    Now I can west because i know he is slowly wetuwning to you.
    Keep up the good fight Digby
    Love and smoochie kisses

  3. Good for Digby!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. ...looks like I can let go of the crossed fingers and maybe do some housework ;))). I do believe in the powers of collective INTENSE goodwishing!

  5. It's sounding promising.
    Keeping fingers and paws crossed for a continued recovery.
    The road can be bumpy.
    Best wishes
    Gail and Bertie.

  6. Angus, I won't speak for everyone, but will say that I believe that the only "thanks" that are needed from you are in todays post as Digby seems to be on the mend!! I'm thankful that prayers are being heard and answered, and I hope very much that the steps he's making forward, even if they are to get away from Madame Bay, continue!!

  7. It's sounding good, Digby! Our paws remain crossed for you and more AireZen is coming your way! Keep getting better and better!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Sending more healing wishes for Digby's recovery!...I'll be following his progress. Give him a cuddle from me.
    With love

  9. So wonderful to know that the new antibiotics seem to be working. Keep fighting Digby... and we'll continue keeping our paws crossed, and thinking of you.

  10. OH! This is such good news! I hope to hear more successes as the week progresses.

    As far as getting around to thank everyone - don't worry about it. Just focus on your sweet Digby.

  11. I am glad he is on the mend, I can't start to imagine what you have all been going through these past few days,

    Gill in Canada, and Molly gives a beagle howl as well!

  12. i've been waiting anxiously for your next relieved that Digby is fighting the good fight! We are all sending pawsitve thoughts and i think they are working!!
    how is the bloodwork? i know you have more to worry about than to post, but thanks for taking the time to update us!
    still praying for Digby.....

  13. Green is definitely good in this instance. I fell asleep last night without checking, so this am so happy to find this wonderful early am message of hope. It truly sounds as though Digby's on the mend -- and we are quite reassured by that whisper of a grrr.....

    Wirey love to all for continued healing!!

    Joan and Jake and Just Harry - the South Florida Boyz

  14. I'm so glad that Digby is showing some of his old spirit. I hope he continues to gain strength and starts getting into mischief again.


  15. this post makes my morning. digby's back! :) is he eating better today? i'm glad the new antibiotic is working, and i hope he continues to progress throughout the day. i'll be thinking of him.

    the booker man's mama

  16. He does look a bit green, but making it around some on his own steam is wonderful news! Perhaps he'll be able to venture out to see Claudette soon. I'm sure that would be much better than a visit from Madame Bay!

  17. It's not easy being green. Loved that he even managed a wee "grrrr". Things are looking up! Hurray for Digby.

  18. What a little fighter he is! Proof positive that he wants to stick around because you are such a good family for him. I am so glad he seems to be on the mend. I will look forward to more posts about his shenanagins with Wilf this summer! And cyber hugs to Wilf as well!


  19. Way to go, Digby! You are such an inspiration. Keep fighting, little one. We're all rooting for you!

    Mayzie's Mom & Mayzie

  20. I hiked yesterday someplace new, and my friend kept warning me about the multitude of ticks. With each reminder, I thought of your little Digby and how a mean tick had hurt him so much.

    I'm so happy to hear that the signs are pointing toward recovery, and that Digby has you and the font to minister to his every need. Walking down the steps and a tiny growl sound like wonderful signs from Digby.

    I think that I'd decamp to the garden along with the boyz when Madame Bay and her furious cleaning arrived!

  21. We are soooooo glad the antibiotics seem to be working! Feel better, Digby! We're keeping our paws crossed for you!

    Penny & Patches

  22. So very glad to hear good news!Please give Digby gentle hugs from your friends in NC and know we are wishing the best every moment of the day.

  23. I hope he has turned the corner!=

    best wishes

  24. Dear Angus,
    Please don't think at all about the need to thank us.
    My heart goes out to Digby and each time I see his pics,I get a lump in my throat.
    We all can relate to what u are going through.I think that is the beauty of Doggie blogger friends.
    Thanx again for d updates.
    Heaps of hugs (if he would allow!!)for Digby

  25. This sounds so promising, very good to hear it! Please keep us posted!

    Jack, Jill & DC

  26. I hope Digby continues to do well!

  27. Oh thank the lord! So pleased he seems to be on the mend. I have only just found your blog recently but I am already addicted! Sue x

  28. Hoping for a good day today and a little less green:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  29. I never knew that I could care so much about a little dog that wasn't mine! I'm glad that Digby is hanging in there. Thanks for keeping us posted -- I wonder about him throughout the day.

  30. What a fighter - literally! Glad to hear about his "grrrs" - sounds as if he is recovering - we are still sending gazillions of golden vibes his way. Get totally better, Digby!
    Hugs xoxoxo

  31. Good Mowning Wilf and Digby
    Just came to see how you wewe feeling today. I hope you awe continooing to make pwogwess towawds wecovewy sweet Digby
    smoochie kisses

  32. Glad you are feeling a bit better, nothing better for recovery than to hand out in a sun and nap!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  33. He does look somewhat perkier and the returned feistiness is a good sign, don't you think?
    We are so very glad!

    In an unrelated matter, I used to love Radio Nostalgie and its cheeky jingle:
    "Arrete un peu ce que tu m'fais, baby,
    J'ecoute Radio Nostalgie..."
    This probably means terible things about the kind of person I am...Sigh.

    BB and the (tasteless?) Maman.

  34. Grrrrs are good, especially at times like this! Brighter news is always welcomed!

  35. Sounds to me as though we have some welcome improvement.. That is brilliant.. Keep it up lovely woofie.. Hugs GJ xx

  36. With all of the anti-biotics he has been taking, it might be beneficial to add a little plain yogurt to his kibble. The medication strips his system of all flora - good and bad. The yogurt will help to regenerate the good bacteria he needs for good digestion and elimination.

    He is a success story. I know he isn't out of the woods yet but he's on his way. It just wasn't his time to leave for heaven.

  37. We think that Digby is starting to rally! Know that we continue to pray for him!
    Hugz, Nancy & Gus

  38. I doubt if even one dog or person wants thanks. I think that all anyone wants is for Digby to get better and that would make us all happy. Here's hoping for some more grrrs real soon.

    wags, Lola

  39. woof hoo we a furry pleased you are getting back to your usual gruff wee self arf arf arf

  40. We are so happy he is showing signs of improvement! Keep it up buddy, we are cheering for you and your family :)

  41. Oh hooray for that Grrr! It sound like an excellent sign.

  42. Paws are still crossed and we're pleased to see that our good thoughts seem to be reaching Digby! (And everyone else too! Poor Wilf must be so confused as to what's going on with his little brother.) Thank you so much for keeping us informed on your dear boy. Hopefully he'll continue to improve each day!

    Jane and Petey

  43. Just stopping by to check Digby...

    Sounds like he is feeling a little better...

    I'm sending all the Healing Vibes I can muster...Mom has you in her thoughts & prayers...

    Abby xxxxxxoooooo

  44. Ok so maybe I can start breathing again.

  45. I am so happy he is improving ....xv