Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back from the beach.

Weird weather. 20 degrees plus during the day and minus three at night. I fear that my 200 tender young geraniums have gone the way of all flesh. Wilf and Digby thoroughly enjoyed the freedom the beach offered . The two of them exhausted themselves by multi-tasking - inefficiently chasing seagulls while simultaneously barking at the waves.


  1. Aww, I'm sorry about the geraniums!

    I can picture the boyz trying to decide which way to go first!

  2. the dogs look so content!
    bummer about the plants....

  3. What lucky boyz!!! The beach - my labradors have never seen a beach. Prior to moving to Colorado, I always lived on a coast so my labs loved running on the sand and playing in the waves. Maybe we'll get them there someday! So glad that Wild and Digby had the chance to play in the sand...

  4. You are so lucky Wilf and Digby - we would LOVE if we could get Farley to the ocean :) We hope your geraniums survive the weather change...

  5. What fun! Running and barking all at once!
    My kind of day!


  6. Isn't the beach just the best place fur us dogs to hang out ?

  7. The beach!
    Edward would be envious, if he knew what that was.