Friday, March 19, 2010


Opened up my mailbox this morning to find that overnight the wonderful people at Amazon have sent me an e-mail suggesting that I might be interested in buying :
Olay Regenerist Daily 3 Point Treatment Cream 50ml ;
Zippo lighter - Red Matte Logo Windproof lighter ;
Loud Distribution Unisex JLS Blue Logo Hoodie - Small ;
The Key - The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want (Unabridged) ;
Bt 150 Digital Baby Monitor.

What a surreal list of items. Even more surreal to think that somone out there should think that I might consider buying a zippo lighter, a hoodie , a baby monitor, an unabridged book on attraction and beauty cream. At the breakfast table 'the font' has chuckled away merrily suggesting that the image I portray to the Amazon database is that of a 'petite' chain smoking single mother, working as a beautician and with a desire for self improvement. Hmmmph!

Headline in todays London Times ' Train and plane chaos'. Yes, with Easter approaching and family having to be gathered together British Airways have decided on another strike. Plus ca change.

A fun day with the two boyz in the garden. While I tried to determine whether the irrigation system still worked , Wilf and Digby embarked on a serious bout of game playing. Wilf has discovered that if he 'biffs' the swing in the garden with his nose then it will ..well...swing. He did this continuously for twenty minutes - proding it with his nose and then scurrying out of the way before it swung back and hit him. Digby didn't quite get the measure of the game.


  1. Sometimes I am tempted just to order some really off the wall and random items, simply to confuse the Amazon database. But then, based on your experience, it seems they don't need any help from me!
    Interesting that Wilf should like 'biffing' things with his nose - my Hamish was always very uncomfortable doing anything other than sniffing with that part of his body, maybe Digby is the same!

  2. I love the first picture of your post--It looks like one of the Boyz was having a chuckle at the list too--I think they sound more like things you would see on a table at a flea market or yard sale!

    Enjoy your weekend, and maybe offer to push Wilf on the swing next time! :-)

  3. Perhaps you could make a special basket for Digby on the swing?

  4. Hey Mongoose!

    I say....
    GO AMAZON!!!!

    I was falling on the floor with laughter when I accidently read these words of YOURS as one sentence...

    "A fun day with the two boyz in the garden while I tried to determine whether the irrigation system still worked!" that was funny!


  5. I can just picture Wilf with his fascination!

    If only Amazon knew that you had aspirations to be an art class model! Think of the things they'd send you then!

  6. Amazon must think we all need help. My email offer for this morning was a book - Waiting for Jack: Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie: How to Stop Waiting and Start Living Your Life" by Kristen Moeller

    Sometimes their predictions are just too weird!!

  7. What is sadly all too real is how Amazon and their ilk do track what we buy and try to sell our preferences to others. Do you ever wonder why you get sme oddity in the mail? It's because of that increasingly widespread practice.

    Another reason to prefer dogs to our own species.

    Joan (by permission of the Barkalots)

  8. That list is too funny!!!!! I get good laughs over the suggestions for shopping from websites. However, lately, they all are about bad backs... not a good sign.

    Wilf is quite the clown. It's a funny image in my mind of him with the swing!

  9. I love your blog, thank you for sharing Wilf and Digby's adventures. Amazon (like many other online retailers) does track our purchases.

    I would suggest checking your credit cards to be sure that a hoody wearing chain smoker who reads selfhelp books with a facial mask while listening to their baby on a monitor has not used your credit card.

    Let's just hope it's unfocused marketing!


  10. It's funny the things we get from Amazon....

    Great garden story!

  11. Now I know why we avoid Amazon like crazy :). I rarely only buy books if anything from them - but some of the books they recommend would also be surreal. Loved the photos today - someone is smiling but I can't keep the boyz straight.

  12. We aren't signed up fur those 'fun' emails -

    But now that we know what we are missing....

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  13. mama has gotten some interesting suggestions from amazon, but yours are the silliest collection she's seen!
    mama also would like to see some video of wilf nosing the swing. :)
    the booker man

  14. That is hilarious, I am going to be more attentive to the recommendations they have for me next time! I don't know if that is Wilf or Digby in the first photo, but that smile made my day...

  15. Gail - It must be identity theft!
    Kim - When he's not at the vets Wilf acts as if he's the happiest boy in the world.
    WW - He'd get motion sickness.
    Max - Take your pleasures where you can!
    Houndstooth - the mind boogles to think what they might send.
    Rocky - Self Help Junkie ? Cool.
    Jake - They can't be that efficient if they think I'm a petite beautician.
    KB - We've got quite a collection of bad back books.
    Anonymous - I took your advice - glad to say it seems to be an Amazon issue.
    Sophie - Yep!
    Roberta - Wilf is the one with long ears.
    Khyra - Best leave it that way ..
    The Booker Man - I shall try to download from the phone
    1000 G's - If there's a smile on his face that's Wilf. In every photo ever taken Digby looks glum.