Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow and sun.

The skies are blue and cloudless this morning but it's well below freezing and there has been heavy snow along the coastline overnight. It's supposed to get back upto 20 degrees this afternoon (70 in US parlance) which makes it difficult to know what to wear. Early in the day you need to be wrapped up in layers of sweaters but by lunch time you'd be roasting in anything more than shirtsleeves. All the local windfarms are standing idle and forlorn in the still air.

The hotel labrador , Jeff, was delighted to get reacquainted with the two boyz. Wilf careered round the garden with his new friend but Digby found the games to be too boisterous for his liking. He sat under an orange tree watching his big brother and the interloper with studied indifference. At the first opportunity he followed 'the font' indoors to rest his sore hip and legs and have a reassuring tickle.

Wilf and Digby enjoyed their trip to the beach but they were quite simply thrilled to get home. Wilf is a boy who does not really appreciate any change in his daily routine. Getting in the car and chasing sea gulls was fine but he would have been happier if we'd turned around and come straight home. Underneath that brash exterior there is one very sensitive, home loving fellow.


  1. Hey Mongoose
    Greetings from SUNNY SA!!!'s sunny here...again...always!
    Now don't forget, you promised...The boyz need a bath!
    Hope the seedlings survive - put them in the bathroom - it will be a good reminder for your committment to the aesthetics of your pooches!
    Your friends in South Africa

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the beach!! But I'm with Wilf; while I love the beach, as I'm getting older there's no place like home and my own bed!
    *I hope some of your plants are surviving the cold.

  3. We have some home-loving hounds here, too! I know just what you mean. It looks like a lovely time you had there and I am drooling with envy over the fair weather!

  4. Wilf sounds very much like Edward. I've never seen a dog who is more excited coming up his front stairs than going down them.

    And I do so know what you mean about the weather at the moment. It can be very sartorially confusing. But the dogs are loving the sunshine, and of course, that's all that matters.

  5. So Wilf likes playing with Labradors! I'm thrilled to hear that, and you know why!

    The beach looks beautiful. I bet that the boyz had a rolicking good time. We live far from any beach here, and every now then (like when I read your post), I miss the ocean.

    I don't blame Wilf for missing home. It sounds like it's becoming a true home.