Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday was spent in the fresh air potting out two hundred young plants for the garden and window boxes. Madame Bay has made it quite clear that the village takes its floral displays very seriously and therefore so should we. While I filled flower pots with compost Wilf and Digby settled down beside me in the sunshine for a spot of well earned rest. Digby was soon sound asleep, snoring away, his head cradled on his big brothers back.

This morning we awoke to bright blue,cloudless skies and horror of horrors, frost. I fear that all the young plants will be finished off by this unexpected return of sub zero weather. The forecast even says there is a snowstorm coming down from the Pyrennees - this long cold winter is not going to leave without a fight.

We are off to the huge, deserted, sandy beach at Narbonne to let the boyz run until they drop. We'll spend the night in a little hotel on the seashore that we know . This is probably the last weekend of peace and quiet before the tourists and second home owners start to arrive in the run-up to Easter. The hotel has a labrador with the unusual ( for France ) name of Jeff. Pictures of beach, the boyz and Jeff will be posted tomorrow.


  1. Beach pictures! Fun! Can't wait to see all the adventures you have. =)

  2. Enjoy your trip, and I hope your plants make it through the last of winter!

  3. the header picture is so cute....can't wait to see the shore pictures! hopefully all the plants are fine!

  4. Enjoy your trip - I think geraniums are fairly hardy - if it's a light frost they might be OK - but don't take my word for it - I've been known to kill a plant in the parking lot of the store where I purchased it.

  5. Have a great holiday. Beaches are my favouite place so I'm sure you two will have lots of fun, and I'll be back soon to look at your pictures. Riley

  6. Oh no! I hope the plants make it! That's a lot of work to do to have them suffer frostbite!

    I'll bet the boyz had a blast on the beach!