Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Off to the vet with Wilf.

Off to the vet with Wilf this morning. Somehow, over the last week or so he has developed a prominent, red, swelling on top of his head. He is sublimely oblivious to it, but then Wilf goes through life happily oblivious to most things other than food. He also seems to be a little less lively than usual - although that may just be him enjoying snoozing in the warm sunshine. While yours truly deals with the delivery of the kitchen counters, 'the font' will be off having the old troubador checked out. If it's merely cosmetic we will leave the protuberance well alone. Long time readers of the previous 'Life in Italy' blog will remember that Wilf was poisoned by Italian hunters. The poor fellow was saved but only after the vet administered some strong antidotes. These have left us worried about the strength of his liver and its ability to withstand further medication or anaesthesia.


  1. Im holding thumbs that all will be well with our dear cyber-canine!

  2. Oh no! It can't be a caterpillar bite?

  3. oh Wilf.....i hope it is just a wart like protuberance and not a mast cell....
    Wilf has not had the best of luck in his life....
    keeping our paws cross that it is just an ugly wart! (i would leave it too..)
    keep us posted...

  4. Fingers crossed for Wilf then.
    Best of luck at the vet,

  5. Oh, poor Wilf! I hope it's something benign!

    Do you give him milk thistle? That's good for the liver. My first greyhound had to take phenobarbitol for epilepsy and that's hard on the liver, too, but the milk thistle helps.

  6. I hope that Wilf is okay, just a doggie wart or something similar. Since I am new to reading your blog, I'm not familiar with your life in Italy, but from what I gather, it wasn't pleasant. Best wishes for Wilf and your life in France...

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  7. We're adding our paws to the circle of love surrounding Wilf. Perhaps those nasty caterpillars left a calling card.

    We had lost your blog while you were still in Italy - so we didn't know about the poisoning.

    Wirey love to Wilf (and to you all!!)

    Jake and Just Harry (and Mom)

  8. Best of luck on your visit to the vet. Hope all goes well.

  9. I'm hoping that protuberance is nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed here in Colorado. Poor Wilf... Similar to Wilf, K was poisoned as a young dog - but she did fine under anaesthesia recently (to get the deer bones removed from her intestines). However, I've often wondered about her other myriad problems (pancreas, thyroid, etc) - and how the poison affected them.

    In any case, I'm thinking good thoughts for Wilf.

  10. Paws khrossed with lots of GoldenSibe vibes being sent from Pawsylvania!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  11. we are hoping that all goes well at the vet for wilf!

  12. Puffy has several skin tumor/wart looking thingys. The vet says they are benign. When they bother him, he kicks at them till he knocks them off or nibbles at them. They come back. The vet said even if she removed them they would probably come back. We hope that is all that is going on here too. We are keeping our paws crossed in pawreyers for a good diagnosis for the Wilfer.


  13. Me & Mom are sending good vibes from here in Sandy Eggo. Hopefully its just an unslightly wart and he'll go about his business as usual.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  14. Oh Wilf - we love you and hope you report back soon that everything is ok!

  15. Wilf, quit stressing us and your parents out. that is an order from the middle of usa boy.