Thursday, March 11, 2010

Biscuit = acceptance. No biscuit = disdain.

A steady stream of visitors kept Wilf and Digby occupied for most of the day. After seven weeks of on and off activity the long running saga of the new kitchen appears to be entering the home straight . First on the scene at eight o'clock was the electrician who efficiently installed the ceiling lighting. From the warmth of the welcome it's quite clear that the boyz like the electrician who quietly feeds them Garibaldi biscuits. In the Polish Lowland lexicon, provision of biscuits by visiting tradesmen generates grudging acceptance, respect by comparison takes at least a sausage. No biscuits equals absolute disdain.

At nine the gas man came to weld into place the pipes for the new range. He did not bring biscuits with him so had to face the close scrutiny of an unimpressed canine welcoming committee. Around eleven thirty a gentleman with a huge drill turned up to make the hole in the wall for the hood extractor - a shrieking , noisy, tooth jarring job that Wilf and Digby didn't much care for. They took themselves to the outside terrace at this point for some peace and well deserved rest and recreation .

By the time the last of the workmen left it was seven thirty in the evening and the shape of the kitchen was finally becoming clear. The final coat of paint had been put on the ceiling beams and the dishwasher plumbed in.Today the marble company come to measure (again) the counter tops and the last of the floor tiles should be laid. By this time next week it may all be over. Madame Bay who has a theatrical way of dealing with dust will be pleased when the kitchen fitters go and the house is once again hers.


  1. The analogies are flying through my mind at a whirlwinds pace. The most prominent is:

    Anyway had me reaching for a totally inept dictionary. Help..?.

  2. looks like quite the project! can't wait to see the finished look!
    so funny about the dogs love everybody, treat or no treat....but that is a golden retriever for you!

  3. I have to agree - I can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

    Get out a biscuit at my house and you would be mobbed. Of course any visitor is cause for a lot of "notifying".

  4. The kitchen all finished should be worth all the wait and hassle!

    I love the enterprising attitude of the boyz!

  5. The French work reality seems to surpass its reputation?

  6. That is a BIG renovation. I bet that you can't wait until it's finished.

    Bringing biscuits seems like a very easy way to win the hearts of dogs and their humans alike!

  7. The only thing that stops we Barkalot Boyz from barking is mom calling "treats for dogs!!!"

    Sadly, none of the rare visitors to our residence seem to carry treats (aka biscuits) -- so we bark our heads off until we determine "friend or foe." If friend, we jump for joy. If foe - especially if foe is carrying anything strange or large --the barking continues.

    Do you have anything like UPS or FEDEX trucks? Their immediately identifiable rumble precipitates daily frenzies.

    Forgive the diversion. We're happy the kitchen is coming along so nicely and look forward to what our TV shows call "the reveal."

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  8. the kitchen is coming together nicely! it's going to be beautiful when it's done.
    the booker man concurs that your tradesmen should always come with biscuits for wilf and digby. it's proper manners. :)

    the booker man's mama

  9. Oh, I had no idea you were in this type of disarray! Yes, I would say biscuits were in order, for all of you. Is it dinner out every night?

  10. Max - Any sensible salesman wouldn't come near chez nous without at least a packet of biscuits

    kks - Wilf loves everyone, Digby definitely doesn't. A biscuit is a good investment.

    Rocky Creek - The workmen started to tidy up tonight - they're saying the counters may come in mid-next week. HALLELUJAH!

    Houndstooth - I certainly hope it's going to be worth the wait

    Winchester - Slow but very precise

    KB - Dead right we can't wait

    Jake - UPS and DHL ( sadly no Fedex here ) are well known to the boyz

    Booker man - With that attitude to life you'd be welcome here at anytime

    PT&E - Thankfully, this being a French house, there is a kitchen on the floor above.

  11. Wilf and Digby

    That kitchen will be quite lovely when it's done, and i suspect lots of yummie eatables will be coming youw way fwom it,, as an extwa bonus, wowkmen wif bikkies seems like a nice way to wait fow the outcome
    smoochie kisses

  12. LOL!!!!! poor boys. it should be a requirement for visitors to have baskets of treats..... lots of them!

    kitchen looks GREAT!!!