Saturday, March 27, 2010

Haircut time.

The first hot as opposed to merely warm day of the year. Planting the new box hedge in the garden proved to be surprisingly thirsty work in the bright afternoon sunshine. Wilf and Digby carefully chose a spot in deep shade to watch while the soil was raked , holes were dug and young plants watered in. Within two minutes both of them were sound asleep completely exhausted by the responsibility of supervising the house and the garden.

Shrub planting over my attention turned to grooming the two boyz . Wilfs hair is strong and thick. Digbys is fine and silky. Digby disappeared as soon as he saw me appear with the Wahl clippers so I started on Wilf .

The first twenty seconds were met with stoic silence before resistance began. Wilf fidgeted, he turned around 360 degrees , he pawed, he looked plaintive, he played dead, he tried to leap from the table. All the time he kept up a variety of noises ranging from 'I'm being attacked' whines to low barely audible ' go on get on with it if you must' rumbles. Left flank, left front leg, and right haunch were completed bythe time Wilf decided that enough was enough and stopped cooperating completely. Any dog owner knows that point of diminishing returns. The pile of hair that had been trimmed off in this first brief encounter was simply enormous. We mutually agreed to take a days breather before moving onto the right flank, right front leg, and left haunch. If I manage half an hour a day with the clippers then both of them should be shorne and ready for the summer heat by next Sunday. Wilf doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that he is smoothly aerodynamic on one side and shaggy and ruffled on the other.


  1. If I were dem, I'd want a Mohawk!!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. How well I know the grooming ritual - people don't realize that the "Scottie look" is a hair-cut that must be maintained. If I do all three of them in one day, then I am totally exhausted - and they are too. Can't wait to see the new look - although I love the winter version.

  3. I have this vision of Wilf walking around in a clockwise circle because he's so much heavier on one side! I know exactly where that point of "diminishing returns" exists here, too. For us the tedium centers around nail cutting, which you would swear involved us completely removing one paw. I am very familiar with the disappearing act too! No doubt Digby was napping behind the curtains!

  4. OK, while we appreciate what Wilf and Digby have to go through -- try being a wire-haired fox terrier. Hand-stripping is the ideal -- but we have over the years come to a few compromises. We now strip (i.e., Jack hand plucks) their wirey jackets to the point of as you say, diminishing returns -- moans, discomfort, serious attempts to flee -- then clip the rest where it is soft to begin with.

    And in between total grooming, out comes the furminator with.

    Joan (and the Barkalots)

  5. I love the idea of a Mohawk - tough to do on short smooth haired hounds. And Joan, I need to introduce you to my needs a home English Coonhound, Scout - aka Sir Barksalot! I have two who need serious grooming - a Sheltie and a long haired Dachshund who LOVES to dig - he is one Earthdog. They go to the groomer not enough. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth. Thanks as always for sharing!

  6. So funny, a half shorn Wilf!!!! I can't imagine "hot" weather at this juncture... but enjoy it!

  7. He doesn't look very different to me