Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just snow.

So much for the forecast of another day of summer sunshine. Thank you Mr.Weatherman. Around noon the skies became leaden and by two the first flakes of snow had begun to saunter lazily down from the scudding clouds. Voila ! By four a full scale blizzard was underway and the garden looked as though it was Christmas again with three inches of fine powdery snow blanketing everything. Any residual hope for the remaining geraniums evaporated as the snow tumbled down and the chill wind picked up.

Wilf and Digby spent an hour playing in the garden but by early evening they had both decided that they had seen more than enough snow for the day. I managed to entice them out briefly after dinner but they then went on strike and firmly refused to move from their respective beds. The snow had clearly touched some elemental hibernatory nerve and the two of them slumbered away oblivious to us and the storm outside.

The snow has now moved on and this morning the trees around the house are alive with birds. As I write the woodpecker family are hanging upside down, resplendent red crests outlined against the sky, busily pecking away at the old oak at the gate. The bird table is alive with a teeming mass of robins, finches and blue tits all tumbling over each other in chirruping chaos - a natural palet of vibrant colour. We live in the 'biological' farming centre of France and the absence of chemicals and insecticides seems to have enabled man and nature to find a workable and mutually beneficial balance that enables both to thrive . For some reason this balance and the mass of wildlife all around gives us huge pleasure and hope.


  1. Birds are most definitely an indicator of the general health of the environment! Tammy likes chasing them...is that a factor?
    Oh..the snow...you're excused from the bathing project...for now.
    Lotsalicks from Sunny South Africa

  2. Winter can be a stubborn season and certainly one that out stays its welcome! Spring is here in Virginia but I don't want to say that too loudly or enjoy it too much because I'm afraid I might jinx it!

  3. wow, that is some snow! we are getting rain all week...soon our snow will be gone, then the mud stage until the ground melts...arg! mud + 4 dogs = pain in the butt!

  4. Our beautiful snow is fast changing to mud - not as pretty or as easy to clean up from undercarriages of pups. I do see signs of spring about - daffodils peaking through the ground and bluebirds flitting about.

  5. From the beach to more snow? Oh, that is a rude awakening!

    And yes, that was snow at IKEA! We still have quite a bit of the stuff lingering here!

  6. From the beach to snow all in a day or so - that is extreme! I'm glad that you live in the 'biological' farming center, and you see signs that it makes a difference to the animals. Spring birds lift my heart. Enjoy!

  7. Brrrr! Looks chilly! Good thing you guys dint get more of a haircut than you did!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  8. Oh you guys look like you are having a blast in the snow. I love the snow. I love the nap after playing in the snow even better though!

    Wags and woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  9. Oh my goodgoogleymoogley! Snow again!? It's a really good thing you held off on the haircutz, or you'd have to buy sweaters for the boyz.



  10. Nice pictures! The snow looks refreshing but I am sure glad spring is right around the corner!

  11. Nothing wrong with "just snow" in our books.