Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wilfs delight - The first lizard of the year.

The first really hot day of the year. Cloudless skies and temperatures in the mid-20's. In the local village short sleeved shirts were the order of the day . This far south in France all the small towns are built around a central market square with deep shady arcades linking the shops. This enables you to visit all the stores without having to venture out into the noonday sun - it looks and feels more Spanish than French.

Wilf and Digby enjoyed the weather and lounged languorously on the cool of the courtyard gravel. Their appetite for playing endless rounds of games also seems to have returned with the warmer weather. Wilf soon noticed that the sun had brought out the first of the lizards - he rushed around, nose to the ground, fruitlessly looking for them in the flower beds. After forty five minutes of hectic zigzaging he decided that his work was done and opted for a brief two hour doze.

The warm weather has brought out the latin in Madame Bay. She arrived at eight ,full of the joys of life , arms spread wide in greeting , 'Bonjour M'Ongoose Bonjour'. It has to be said that no one can pronounce 'bonjour' like Madame Bay - the sound starts quietly and then seamlessly escalates two octaves to end with a trilling flourish - a phonetic impossibility for monotone anglo-saxons. I noticed that the somewhat strident Sinead O'Conor cut is now growing out although hints of the 'exuberant' Manhattan colour scheme remain. Like a whirlwind of chiffoned energy she was soon pushing the hoover through the house while singing a range of French top twenty hits . The two boyz sensibly decided to remain outside.

Thank you so much for all your kind wishes for Wilfy. We shall hopefully get the biopsy results either tomorrow or over the weekend.


  1. Hey there Mongoose!
    Does M'Bay perchance read your posts? If I were her, it would spur me on to greater feats of rhetoric inspiration!
    Holding thumbs (uuuh...paws!?!) for Wilfy

  2. ...Oh to be doused in chiffon!....(Sigh!)

  3. I am still begging for just one glimpse of Madame Bay! You can even cut off her head. Just seeing the ensemble would be enough, really!

    I can picture Wilf chasing the lizards! Fingers crossed for him!

  4. Paws crossed for wonderful news - we know you'll let us know as soon as you know.

    Chasing lizards - now that's something my dogs can get into.

  5. I would also like a glimpse of Madame Bay! I somehow imagine her as looking like Martha Stewart, but sounding a bit like Julia Child!

  6. Ah PON Boyz, we Barkalot Boyz have lizards galore, not to forget the much publicized iguanas who have made their way to our balmy clime (many of whom literally froze to death during our unusual cold spell). They are basically lizards on steroids. Shall we send you a care package???

    Paws still crossed for good news about Wilf.

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  7. We are most anxious to hear good news about Wilf. I have seen growths like the one you have pictured and they were always benign, so I am very hopeful this will be true in his case.

    I cannot imagine the chaos that would be caused by a lizard here. We had a raccoon padding along the roof of my husband's studio last night, and that commotion was quite enough!

    Enjoy your warm weather! We remain chilly.

  8. L.i.Z.A.R.D.S.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

    here it is squirrels, they run among the trees and babysit the a couple of the dogs for hours.!

  9. I hope the news it GREAT! Lizards? Are they hairy and sit on holes in the ground? I thought that was gophers....I am all confused....

  10. Max - Thankfully Madame B only speaks the local version of French. As for the chiffon ...
    Houndstooth - All in good time. With this emphais on instant gratification you are clearly not a dour Scots Calvinist
    Rocky - Thanks - it's somehow heart warming to know that Wilf is supported on unseen , but ever present, wings of hope
    Kim - See comment to Houndstooth above about gratfication.
    Jake - Iguanas - no thanks - too exotic for Wilf and Digby who are Scots boyz at heart
    WW - Merci!
    PT&E - I'm hoping that it's benign despite its horrible appearance. A raccoon - I bet Edward made thatv famous PON noise - was it the woof,woof, woof or a woof,woof,woof,woof ?
    S Rocket - Here the boyz can still chase red squirrels who are much faster and cleverer than our famous troubadors
    Remington - You are not confused but misinformed - they are neither hairy nor sit on holes in the ground - that is something only our cousins across the pond can enjoy chasing.

  11. I love learning more about French culture from your outings. Lizards already! Wow. They must be very fun chases for the boyz.

    Madame Bay continues to make me chuckle. It would be funny someday to see if my mental image of her matches an actual photo even remotely. However, I can see how you can't tactfully post such a thing.

    My paws are crossed for Mr. Wilf!

  12. we are still thinking good thoughts for mr. wilf.
    mama is also dying to see a photo of mme. bay!
    the booker man