Saturday, March 20, 2010


City folk just don't know what excitement is. There was a strong wind last night which blew the gate from the cows field open and allowed the white heffer to get out. She was found this morning standing unconcernedly by the porch of the church , grazing on the cemetery grass. Digby had to be tied to the lamp post while I helped the farmer shoo her back to the paddock and the company of her sister. It was only a distance of 30 or so metres but a huge amount of energy was expended getting her to move in the right direction. White heffer safely delivered we resumed our morning walk. Digby then came across a dozen or so hens by the village pond. Talk about too much excitement for one day ! To my absolute amazement he segued straight into sheepdog mode , rounded most of them up (seven out of twelve if you want to be precise) , and then drove them into the neighbours farmyard. That's a sight I'll never see again - who would have thought he had it in him ? . Anything bigger than a chicken , for example like a sheep as in Polish Lowland Sheepdog , and he would have been standing behind me in complete terror.

Those of you who know Scotland or are of Scots descent will immediately know what I mean when I say that Digby is the sort of fellow who is always ready for a 'wee chat'. At certain times of the day ( ie at anytime when he's not eating ) he will siddle up and reverse, in a sitting position , onto your feet - a very PON type action . He adores the feeling of total security and the knowledge that he is at the heart of the action with every conversation directed towards him. Wilf by contrast is not a 'wee chat' fellow - squirrel chasing or swing biffing is more his forte.

The kitchen fitters dropped one of the marble counters yesterday. A new one is now being prepared. The current 'going live' forecast has been delayed until Monday afternoon. 'The font' faces another weekend dealing with the ancient and temperamental flame spurting Vesuvius that doubles as a cooker in the upstairs kitchen.


  1. Digby's genes really shown through with those hens! It must have been quite a sight. Too bad that he couldn't help with the heffer! Agreed - city folks have no idea what real excitement is...

  2. Oh gosh, I am so sorry about the counter. Wretched disappointment.

    I cannot believe Digby! I really have no confidence that Edward would respond in kind if faced with chickens! I shudder to think. But, one never knows I suppose. He is very much a wee chat fellow.

    Apple is obviously cut from the same cloth as Wilf. As I type this, Edward is lying at my feet and Apple is on patrol in the garden.

    Happy first of Spring to you all!

  3. Isn't it amazing how strong their instinct is for certain things? I grew up with Border Collies and their herding desire always amazed me. If they couldn't herd our sheep, it was the chickens or making sure our family was all together. The greyhounds have such a strong desire to run and chase, and it's amazing to watch.

    I can see Digby as the more social of the boyz, but Wilf's experiments with the squirrel on the swing are so cute!

    My condolences to the font on being stuck with Mount Vesuvius yet again!

  4. Oh to have been able to see the fun on your walk!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. Great job! Sorry to hear about your countertop....

  6. I would have loved to have seen the "round-up". You should see all 20 pounds of Piper when he gets into the field with the cattle - he can get them circled up and ready to head for the barn - LOL!

    I see the squirrel is swinging today. Gotta love dog's games and the rules they make up.