Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holding the fort for his brother.

While Wilf went to the vets Digby took over the role of chief guard dog. With workmen arriving every five minutes he was soon busily scurrying from one vehicle to the next . Each tyre was dutifully christened and the insides of the kitchen fitters vans checked to see if there was anything interesting, ie edible, inside. The brave image might have been a bit more believable if Digby hadn't scampered inside each time there was a noise from a drill or power saw. He eventually fell asleep on his back in the sun, worn out from holding the fort for his big brother.

The local newsagent is now displaying a rack of day old English, Dutch and Spanish newspapers - a sure sign that the second home owning contingent is about to arrive for Easter .

We are waiting for the results from Wilfs biopsy and blood tests to see what whether we should be concerned about the growth on his head. Irrespective of whether its benign or malignant the vet thinks it could become infected and should come off. She has taken blood tests to see whether his liver is strong enough for anaesthetic to be administered. Wilf was the perfect patient and apart from having to be coaxed out of the back of the car didn't complain once. However, when he got home he came straight up to me with his glum face on as if to say ' You can't believe what's just happened to me '. A Ryvita as a treat and he was soon back to being his irrepresible self.


  1. Just another adorable indication of our canine friend's unique ability to live in the moment! How I love these beautiful pooches!
    Enjoy the sunshine! We have some here too!

  2. Poor Wilf - he may enjoy one of those newspapers while he's resting post op.

  3. Wilf, what a trooper....hope the results are benign!! paws are crossed here in wisconsin!

  4. Funny how they all tell the same story when they get back from the vet's office! We're hoping the results come back benign and the Digby recovers after such a taxing day of holding down the fort!

  5. Lots of paws are crossed here, hoping that everything's fine with Wilf. He sounds like a brave and good patient.

    Poor Digby, having to pretend that he could guard the whole house by himself. Dogs are funny with how they can bluster but then give away their terror at the smallest things. My dogs have similar quirks!

  6. Paws crossed for good news!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  7. Plenty of good Scottish puppy power coming your way for healing!

  8. Every doggy has their paws crossed for you Wilf!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  9. Wilf, plan for more Ryvitas.... milk them for all they got! hugs to all,

  10. I'm just catching up on your blog after being gone for a few days, and wanted to just add that I hope that Wilf will be okay--Don't they know how we worry about them?? Glad he doesn't mind the vet--Our Wheaten Terrier is all about the drama when he's there, the Goldens on the other hand are much more brave, or just naieve about why they are there!

  11. lovely photos especially the one on the beach!
    nice to see another dog nut!

  12. mr. wilf, i am hoping lots and lots for good news!
    the booker man