Sunday, March 21, 2010


Loic the gardener arrived bright and early with the petrol powered leaf blower. For Wilf and Digby the leaf blower ranks alongside the hoover on the spawn of satan technology stakes. Both boyz beat a hasty retreat indoors as soon as the demonic device was turned on. Wilf settled down across the front door and was soon asleep while Digby made himself invisible by hiding under the door curtain. Invisibility is of course relative and in Digby's case does not involve his nose.

France beat England in the Six Nations Rugby - a cause of intense happiness in this part of deepest Tarn-et-Garonne where memories of the 100 Years War still linger. Scotlands miraculous defeat of the Irish team by a score of 23-20 was quite naturally overshadowed by this French victory. Today is voting day for the regional elections so all the neighbours were up and out early doing their republican duty - the polls open at eight so there was quite a crowd standing outside the town hall when we went past. Lots of cheery ' Good result ! ' comments came our way as we sauntered along. The boyz of course assumed that all the comments were directed towards them so rear ends were wagging spiritedly away.


  1. that is the cutest picture! and what a front door! awesome...
    any biopsy results?

  2. Just like kids - cover their eyes and they are in visible.

    Java would have to agree with the Boyz. When out and about, the only thing he ever barked or growled out were lawn care trucks with those evil leaf blowers hanging on the side.

  3. We agree -- the vacuum is Satan's spawn and the leaf blower -- which the management of our development calls forth every few weeks -- more frequently during our rainy season -- is the spawn of the spawn!!

    Digby's approach to invisibility reminds us of little children putting their hands on their eyes and assuming that no one can then see them!

    And yes, What a Door!!! Does it creak when you open it?

    Jake and JH

  4. I can imagine that a leaf blower here would send a certain hound over the edge of sanity! She also feels similarly about the vaccuum cleaner. Digby's nose looks utterly kissable there under the curtain!

    Well, let's face it, if dogs ran public office, we'd probably all be a lot better off!

  5. Invisibility!!! A chuckle from Colorado...

  6. Fi - The wind whistles through it - hence the heavy curtains.
    kks - the vet says its not malignant but infected (how?) and wants to remove it. Will discuss the liver issue next week with her- I'm all for delaying.
    Rocky Creek - but less demanding!
    Jake - Creek ! That's an understatement.
    Houndstooth - If you knew where he puts it on his daily walks you wouldn't ever want to consider kissing it.
    KB - Never invisible at meal times though.

  7. we love the first picture of mr. dibgy!
    mama says, "elections on a sunday? isn't it supposed to be a day of rest?" *giggle*

  8. So disappointing - England should have won that match!