Monday, March 22, 2010

Off to Frankfurt.

Digby is full of anti-inflammatories for his swollen paw and seems none the worse for it. His big brother Wilf is being himself - going through life happily on the look out for sausages and squirrels. Overnight the local supermarket is suddenly full to the gunnels with Easter eggs and ' the font' is now waiting for the gas to be attached to the new range and for two doors to be delivered to finish off the units. I'm off to beautiful downtown Frankfurt to give a speech. Will be back tomorrow.


  1. Hey there Mongoose!

    Geesh I'm sorry to hear about Digby! As you know, we are dealing with a similar calamity here. Toffee's tenacity has again paid off with yet another trip to the Vet his foot is well and truly bandaged with very sticky plaster (and he has to be kept indoors). I'd be keen to know if your Vet bandaged up Digby too,...and how? What was the cause of the swelling? Do they know?
    Hope it all gets better soon!

  2. Beautiful kitchen. I wonder how long before Wilf and Digby introduce that 'lived in' look to it!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. I love the way the kitchen turned out! Hopefully Digby is feeling better soon.

  4. Your kitchen looks beautiful! And, I hope that both dogs are doing well - that Digby's paw is feeling better and that Wilf's test results come back clean.

  5. The new kitchen is beautiful - what a dream - know the "Font" must be happy.

    Glad to hear that Digby is improving.

    Enjoy your trip.

  6. LOVE the kitchen! Glad to hear all is going well for Digby!

  7. the kitchen is fantastic!
    i'm so sorry about digby...his owie looks quite painful. i hope the swelling is going down quickly now that he's got some medication. poor baby. :(
    safe travels!
    the booker man's mama