Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pipe and slippers

As quickly as the snow came, it went. First thing in the morning it was still blanketing the garden in all its frozen glory but come nine o'clock and the arrival of Madame Bay it had started to melt. Madame Bay breathlessly told us that Narbonne, the town we went to with the two boyz for the weekend , has had 30 centimetres of snow and is now completely cut off. 'You were lucky to get back M'Ongoose, You were lucky to get back' - the clear inference being that those reckless enough to leave the departement in winter should be prepared for , and deserve, life threatening mayhem .

Faced with the arrival of Madame Bay and the dreaded hoover - an instrument of torture as far as the boyz are concerned - Digby grumpily took himself off to his bed on the terrace. His irritation was clear for all to see. When the sounds of the vacuum or Madame Bays singing reached his ears he would issue a half hearted gurgle of annoyance. While Wilf explored the garden looking for intruders Digby sat propped up in comfort, basking in the warm early morning sunshine. Looking at him you felt that all he needed was a pipe and a pair (or two) of slippers and he would have been in heaven. Wilf , guarding duties completed, lay on his back , paws in the air, content to let the sun dry the snow that was matted on his fur.


  1. Hey there Mongoose!
    So your boyz don't appreciate the hoover!?...nor does Toffee! He hates garden trimmers too as well as the claps of starting guns during the local school's swimming gala. Besides that, he's fine with the Kingdom and will send the boyz his pipe and slippers.

  2. dogs are the best at lounging!! it has been raining here, but soon we will be lounging in the sun too!!

  3. They've raised lounging to an art form!

    So, did Madame Bay really cause the snow to melt? What a dervish she must be!

  4. Max - At least as they've got older they've learnt not to hide under the bed when the hoover comes out. Toffeee is clearly a soul mate of Digby!

    kks - Lounging in the sun ? Roll it on !

    Rocky Creek - Well done Piper.

    Houndstooth - When Madame Bay arrives the sun comes out - or that's what she'd like us to believe. Digby is a sceptic.

  5. Beautiful lounging! A pipe and slippers - now there's a vision that made me chuckle!

  6. I'll attack the little stick vac, but the big old wind tunnel thingy has me n Puffy heading for the furtherest room away. It's SKEREE! I've seen it suck up stuff way bigger'n my tail.

    It looks like you had a brief wave of winter passing then spring boinked out all over again. I hope some of yer flowers survived. Wilf looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. Belly up to the sun and a snooze.



  7. Ah, pictures of your two are like a morning tonic. So wonderful.
    I can get on with my day now!