Monday, March 29, 2010

If at first ...

Ok - I'll admit that maybe the first set of photos maybe didn't show Wilf in all his trimmed down glory. Here are two more showing the aerodynamic shape that has emerged. Also some quick snaps of this mornings visit to the market.


  1. Hey there Mongoose

    Sorry I've not been around for the past few's been rather hectic at this end of the pond. The good news is that I'm 'up-to-date' with the happenings on your blog. BUT....Geesh....that is anything but sheering!!! They look as fluffy as ever!!!

    The other good news is that "We like them fluffy!" Your pooches are an absolute delight! How are your blisters on your hands?

    That cheese selection simply made my mouth water! Yummmmmmmm!!!!


  2. Max - Sorry, but you've said the wrong thing. Three waste paper basket full of fur have come off Wilf - He must look less fluffy! No blisters but the electric motor on the little Whal clippers weren't designed for the boyz thick hair. Glad you enjoyed the Moscow Circus. I'll know to go to Carnival City the next time I'm in Pretoria !

  3. At first, seeing Wilf in all his shorn beauty, I thought how cute he was. Then I scrolled down further, and to my cholesterol clogged arterial mind, I was horrified at the absolute mouth watering yummy goodness of those French pastries and cheeses! Since I can no longer partake of such delights, I will visit those pictures again and again and imagine myself eating them. Perhaps I will be satisfied? :)


  4. He looks like a Paschal lamb. How are you managing without chocolate? I'm really looking forward to Sunday.

  5. Wilf looks much lighter to me! Perhaps a picture of him beside Digby (whom I assume is still unshorn) or a before and after shot would show it better. To me, he looks like he's shed quite a bit of hair.

    That cheese! You're killing me with that! I love cheese, but we've got nothing close to that here!

  6. Ninny - They make an excellent substitute for the chocolate I've given up for Lent.

    WW - See comment above and add on cashew nuts which I've taken to grazing on whenever I can.

  7. Cher Monsieur Angus -- How could you lure us into your post with those adorable photos of a (slightly) less furry pup -- and then attack all our cheese nostalgia glands with those graphic photos. Shame!!!!!

    The most offensive one, of course, is the one where the knife is poised to cut off a slice of mouth-watering deliciously creamy brie or camembert or the like...

    How could you?????

    Joan and the Barkies

  8. Houndstooth - Well done ! It's good to see that one reader of this blog can see the acres of fur that I've trimmed off Wilf. Perhaps I shouldn't leave it six months between trims the next time!

    Jake - It's 80 degrees here today. Perfect weather to sit out under the trees and lunch on the first of the new seasons strawberries, baguette and a Pyrennean cheese. Wilf and Digby sit by us in rapt attention - you never knoe when the cheese plate may fall off the table.

  9. My mouf is waterin' here! Look at that CHEESE! yummmmmmmm....droool. Yep, he looks like he has a waistline now. And so do I after a month of crappy low fat diet kibble! I'm ready for the beach scene now!

    Bonnie, the WEE Scottie, again!

  10. hahahaha Wilf. stick your tongue out at the torturer! and ohhhh the sweets are making me hungry this morning! the cheese i can live without but ohhh the sweets. must go eat cereal now thanks! are you sending out those sweets since you aren't eating them.... LOL

  11. Mr. Wilf looks like a very handsome dude!!!! And, I think that I see flowers on the ground around him. What more could anyone want????

  12. i can tell wilf has lost some fur. :)
    must you tempt us with those delicious pastries and cheeses? ;) mmmmm, if only i could acquire some of those here in the states...

    the booker man's mama