Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Condom

The 100th post from France and the first morning of the year with the terrace windows open at breakfast time. A satisfying coincidence. Wilf and Digby sat outside in the bright early sunshine watching the blackbirds scurrying across the lawn and raising the occasional half bark, half growl when a farm trailer rumbled past .

Lured by the blue skies we set off to the local market town of Condom yesterday , Wilf and Digby contentedly snuggled close together in the back of the car. In Italy you never saw young people driving tractors or working on the farm. Here farming still remains a profitable, and in some areas highly lucrative, business. Everywhere you looked the fields were alive with shiney bright blue tractors busily seeding and spraying - a sure sign that winter has finally passed.

Condom was closed - Monday being a day when French shops restock and recharge their batteries for the week ahead. The two boyz were able to enjoy a quiet, leisurely sniff and stroll round the deserted cathedral cloisters followed by a bowl of fresh water considerately supplied by the owner of the cafe on the square. While they slurped noisily away we sat in the sunshine savouring a cup of coffee and marvelling at the fact we've been in France for four months now. At this time last year we were talking to the Italian builder about all the things that we were going to do at the house in Umbria. Here we are a year later in a different country and we're still talking to builders . Through it all life flows seamlessly on .


  1. Sounds like a lovely day; I'm glad that your "new life" is going seamlessly!

  2. Let me get this right...You say condoms aren't available on Monday? Eish!

  3. Must be safe traveling!

    Congrats on your 100th post in France. Where will you be off to next?

  4. nothing wrong with life flowing seamlessly!
    love the condom sign!
    the dogs look content!

  5. Perhaps you'll choose not to post this -- but when I read the title of your post at 5:30am this morning (early wakeup so husband could catch a flight to Puerto Rico for business), I immediately thought of an informative (and gasp-inducing)intersection sign in the Amish country of Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia: Intercourse, Bird in Hand, Blue Ball, and Paradise....

    Condom would have added further gasps!

    Embarrassed woofs from the Barkalot Boyz

  6. Hee hee hee! I hate it when Condom is closed! Darned Mondays!

    I hope the weather stays nice for you!

  7. 100th post! WOW! Time flies whether you are having fun or not! I can't imagine dealing with builders, contractors, electricians and plumbers in a foreign language. It's stressfull enough when they speak you own language and dialect and so easy to miss-understand what needs putting where. Congrats on the 100th post.


  8. Are you sure that the name of the town wasn't your reason for visiting? And no Condom on Monday? Craziness in France!!!

    You mention the big change but seamless flow of life since last year. I keep thinking as I read your posts that you seem very happy in France. I hope that I'm right. How many languages do you speak?

  9. Kim - Thank you.

    Max- Good to see your sense of humour is as vibrant as ever

    Rocky Creek - Safety is paramount. We are now staying put here - Wilf and Digby would veto any more moves.

    kks - I think they are content - after three separate moves they know this is their final home.

    Jake - Goodness those Amish folk.

    Houndstooth - Problem with Mondays

    Scraps of me - Can't believe that we're up to 100 posts on this blog - at this rate we'll be catching up with 'Life in Italy' in no time. Builders are builders wherever you are - they automatically don't do what you ask in any language.

    KB - Life is strange. At this time last year we thought we were settled in Italy for ever. Then 'the event'. Out of it all has come new adventures and new people to meet. I guess we're content and settled because it demonstrates that all the worrying in the world doesn't get you anywhere - life will flow on regardless. The fact that 'the boyz' have settled down here is a major plus.

  10. Congrats on your 100th post ! Have a safe trip ;)

  11. Congrats on your 100th post! I look forward to many, many 100 more! No Condems on Monday....hhhmmmm....

  12. One hundred posts! Well done you!

    It is difficult to think of open windows today. It is snowing like crazy. Edward has flatly refused to go outside and now I must think of some way to tempt him.

  13. Town of Condom reminds me of Intercourse and Blue Ball, Pennsylvania in the USA. Who would have thought the Amish could be so funny!

  14. happy 100th post!! :D
    the booker man