Monday, March 29, 2010

Notice the difference?

The process of trimming Wilf has largely been completed. He now looks like a puppy - admittedly a rather plump and still rather shaggy puppy , but a puppy nonetheless. Svelte is relative. The focus of attention today will shift to Digby. While Wilfs response to trimming can best be described as fractious that of Digby can be summed up in one word - impossible. At some stage in their evolution Polish Lowlands must have taken to heart the story of Samson . Certainly Digby is convinced that trimming his hair will remove his strength and may even lead to his becoming a cat. To prevent this emasculation happening every evolutionary trick in the PON handbook will be employed. As the top photo shows he is keeping a close eye on all my movements in readiness to do his disappearing trick at a moments notice.

In the warm sunshine the cool , round gravel of the driveway has become sleep central. Why they won't use the soft,forgiving grass to sleep on is one of those unanswerable mysteries of dog ownership.
This morning the distant Pyrenees are standing out as a thin bank of brilliant white on the horizon - a sure sign that another hot day is in store for us.

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  1. Well, at least Wilf will be enjoying the day! I fear it's not going to be good for Digby either way.