Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It seemed a good idea.

With 'the font' out shopping I was able to prepare the boyz showertime like a military operation. Towels were found and positioned. The shampoo bottle was opened and placed on the rack. The water was tested for temperature and the kink in the shower hose straightened out. Cotton wool was made ready and a pile of tempting treats prominently displayed on a shelf.

Taking the advice of those other PON owners - Pamela Terry and Edward - bathing attire was chosen carefully to provide protection and a firm footing. Faded blue Vilbrequin swimming trunks with a floral pattern were complimented by a pair of tangerine coloured Crocs - neither articles were mine but what their rightful owners don't know won't hurt them . To wash those parts of Wilf and Digby that the sun doesn't usually reach a pair of disposable gloves would have been useful but despite searching high and low they had completely disappeared, victims of one of Madame Bays cleaning purges. Instead use had to be made of a pair of bright yellow, elbow length Marigolds found in the deepest recesses of a cupboard under the sink. They were circulation threateningly tight but after some not so gentle coaxing they eventually got there.

Thus attired it was time to go in search of the boyz. They took one look and ran, or rather flew. Despite being nine years old they can be remarkably sprightly when they want to be. Having moved at the speed of light Wilf was finally found under a bed , nose sticking out through the valence, at the end of the upstairs corridor. After a little coaxing he was carried , like a dead weight, to the shower. Everything then went brilliantly. He didn't object to the water as it trickled over his back and head and stood there obediently as the shampoo was worked up into a fulsome lather. Result - a shiningly white Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Show ring here we come !

It was just as the process was being repeated on Digby that the front door bell rang. In the five months we've been in France that bell has never been rung. Hearing the unexpected noise Digby became suddenly energised. He skilfully threw himself against the shower door and then bolted ,trailing water and foam, through the downstairs bedroom. All 20 kilos of sodden sheepdog then turned left through the office before careering sharp right into the hallway. Wilf felt it necessary to join him in a frenzy of ear shattering barking.

Who should be standing there to greet us - none other than the post lady wanting a signature for the large cardboard box in her arms. Some people can feign nonchalance at such moments.


  1. Timing can be everything...or not. HA.

  2. Digby was truly "saved by the bell" but it doesn't look like you were!!

  3. This was a great way to start my day - not with just a mild chuckle, but a great big belly laugh!! It will keep me entertained all day!! Can you imagine the stories the post lady is telling! The ladies will be inviting you back to their art class if you're not careful.

  4. Such events are written into movie scripts. I can't believe the post lady was unfazed. Altho, I guess she's probably seen much worse. I know one florist delivery lady who can tell if a dog is a lab without even looking down over the top of the flowers...because it sniffs her crotch, "Oh, I see you have a lab." Which, BTW, belongs to a friend. I have a Yorkie, Miss Tootie. Thanks for my morning laugh!

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  5. Oh my! I'm going to admit right now that I'm not one of the people who feigned nonchalance at the moment. I am sitting here having a good laugh and so is my husband! Perhaps you should wear that outfit down to the art class next time you visit.

    Did Digby ever finish his bath? At least one of them appears to be an electric white Polish Lowland Sheepdog!

  6. What a series of images! We're wondering what the font had to say upon her return. Did the two of you just sit and howl with laughter, particularly if you were still in your shower-maestro garb!!


    Jake and Just Harry

  7. Faded swimming trunks, crocs and Marigolds. What an awesome combination. No wonder the boyz took heel!
    Cheers, Gail.

  8. BOL!!!! OHMYGOODNESS....did Madame Bay assist you in chosing your wardrobe so it was more colorful? If only you had swimmy goggles and a snorkle in lime green to complete the image. I can only imagine the stories being told on the postal route about the eccentric 'Mongoose'. And the water! As fluffy as they are, I bet they carry a buncha water in their furries when totally soaked. I hope you had a sit down with several bottles of something/anything to refresh your soul after.

    The guyz are lookin' good! Now, where is a good mud puddle in the spring when you need it?


  9. oh no! hahaha! did you manage to get digby back in the shower, or did you call it quits after the post lady's interruption?

    the booker man's mama

  10. Oh no! I'm so sorry to be laughing so hard, but I can't help it. And you were so nearly finished. I also had to laugh at the boys running off when they saw your sartorial choices for the day. Edward and Apple do the exact same thing when my husband dons his bathing attire. And the dead weight thing.... Edward does that too! Ah well, they do make me laugh many times a day... better than a doctor's prescription for a healthy life, don't you think??

  11. We've been gone much too long. And after reading this wonderful account, we are giving our moma many lashes. It's like a trip to another world, joining another family when we read of your adventures. We MUST not wait so long to come back.

    Hey! In a few days ... aim your snooters north (we think ... you're in the south of France, aren't ya?) and sniff and listen for evidence of our sweet wirey sissie's mommi and daddi! Special celebrations are due to go continental and our guess is that may include your beautiful country. Just maybe.

    Jake and Fergi (muwah muwah muwah)

  12. beyond a doubt, laugh a minute fun!!! sounds like the Farm is not alone, they drive us to the brink of insanity then all we can do is laugh at them!