Friday, March 12, 2010

Peace, perfect peace.

After seven weeks of hammering, sawing and drilling an all embracing peace has descended on the household. All the kitchen fitters and ancillary hangers on have gone while they wait for the marble counters to be cut to size and delivered from the masons in Toulouse. On current estimates the pose of workers don't expect to return until Tuesday to install the work surfaces and finish the job. How strange it is to have a house to ourselves. Even odder to be able to hear the grandfather clock in the hallway ticking. Wilf and Digby are quite nonplussed. They threw themselves out of the front door only to discover there was nobody there for them to bark at. Canine chagrin .

Yesterday afternoon Madame Bay asked me to escort Monsieur Bay into the local market town to buy a new television. Madame Bay was quite clear that she wanted a 3D television while Monsieur Bay was equally clear that no such thing existed. 'Women !' he would exasperatedly mutter under his breath as Madame held forth . At three on the dot I was collected at the front gate. La famille Bay have a rather dapper little black Renault Twingo which ( for those of you who have never seen one ) is a very, very small , easy to park, two door car much loved by Parisian students and 20 somethings. How the statuesque Madame Bay and her chiffonerie manages to squeeze into it has always been something of a wonder to me.

Until yesterday I had thought of Monsieur Bay - ' call me Herve' - as a rather shy and retiring gentleman. How wrong can you be? Get him behind the wheel and another side to his personality comes to the fore. We lurched off, Herve hunched over the wheel, foot to the floor, changing maniacally from first into fourth and then back to third, all the while the little Twingo's engine thrumming away like a demented banshee. At junctions he would rousingly toot the horn, a clear indication to one and all that priorite a droit didn't apply to him and the tiny Renault. The zebra crossings in town ( we have three of them) were ignored and the roundabout at the bakers treated as though it were a chicane at Le Mans. Latin bravado or an adverse reaction to his medication - who knows what causes this alter ego to emerge behind the wheel ? And the television? Herve was able to return with a new HD set wedged into the parcel shelf that doubles as a back seat. 'See? ' said Madame Bay delighted that she had got her 3D television. 'Women !' muttered Herve alarmed that 3D really would be available by the end of the year.


  1. Hee hee! There are new 3D televisions about to be on sale here very soon! Perhaps Madame Bay knew something Herve did not.

    You know, I read this post and I imagine you cramped into the tiny Renault, grasping the dashboard for dear life as the car careens through France whilst Wilf and Digby snooze away in the green grass back at home.

    "Canine chagrin!" I love that!

  2. Quiet... what a wonderful thing after workers have been swarming over your house.

    "...little Twingo's engine thrumming away like a demented banshee..." What an apt description. I love it!

    And, yes, I just heard a radio program about 3D TVs and that they're just now available. The problem is that there aren't very many 3D TV shows!

    Your description of a simple outing had me chuckling and chuckling!

  3. Hmmm...I'm betting she was really wanting the new Samsung 3D or the Sony 3D? When she slaps on her 3D glasses, she's gonna be upset. M. Bay appears to be very fashionable and prehaps wanted to be the first person in the hood with a 3D telly, instead of the last with HD.

    Did you bring home the telly in that tiny wee car? Did you take a picture? Is it like a clown car?

    inquring Scotties want to know,


  4. WW - Merci
    Houndstooth - The 3D tv's are supposed to be here in time for the World Cup but the Bay marriage won't last that long without a replacement set.
    KB - Solomonic judgement requires that a tv be bought - better a late model HD than nothing at all.
    Scraps - Sony or Samsung in Tarn-et-Garonne? Are they made in France ? It wouldn't be the first in the hood it would have been the first in the region! Is it like a clown car ? Yes, but smaller.

  5. I am laughing. Such a vivid picture you paint!
    My husband just went through this same experience with my mother. A new HD flat screen... she had to have one. And nothing under 50" would suit her. It was quite a shopping trip.

    By the way, the sack of food leaning back behind the boys. Is that HP-19?

  6. PT&E - Don't know what HP-19 is. On this side of the pond we use Hills d/d Salmon and rice. It's the lowest in protein and doesn't cause Wilf's pancreatitis to flare up. Mark you with builders slipping him biscuits one has to wonder why we bother.

  7. i love the description of m. bay driving, and i am laughing picturing that tiny twingo zooming along.

    the booker man's mama